Sports Tournaments & Events

Pullen Insurance Services offers a wide variety of comprehensive insurance options for insuring a tournament or event.  Whether you are hosting a single event or multiple tournaments during the year, we can put together a customized insurance program to protect your organization.

Eligible Organizations

  • Amateur Sports Tournaments
  • Try-Out Events
  • Recruiting Showcases
  • Amateur Sports Events

Standard Program Coverage

Commercial General Liability 

The General Liability policy provides coverage for civil liability claims, including defense costs, your organization becomes legally obligated to pay to another person or organization.  Coverage includes allegations of bodily injury, personal injury (i.e. libel, slander, false arrest), and property damage.

Participant Accident Medical

Participant Accident Medical coverage pays medical and dental expenses incurred by a participant when an accidental injury occurs while participating in your tournament or event.  The policy is written on an excess / secondary basis; therefore, coverage is triggered after the exhaustion of all other medical coverage available to the participant.

Optional Coverages Available

  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation
  • Event Cancellation Insurance
  • Excess Liability

Contact our office to obtain a no-obligation quote or to discuss insurance options available to you. Most quotes issued the same day we receive your information.

Two Ways to Get a Quote

  • Quote & Buy Now - Best for Smaller organizations with limited coverage needs.
  • Get A Quote - Best for Larger organizations requiring a customized quote or organizations with more complex coverage needs.